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Mortgages Explained

The way you find your mortgage is broken

Here is why and how mortgagegym have fixed it.

Go it alone

  • You don’t often get the best rates by going direct to lenders
  • By spending time you can receive many agreements in principle but these can change when you provide detailed information and your Experian Credit Score
  • Every time a lender applies for your credit file it has an effect on your credit score
Option 1: got it alone

Find a broker: limited choice

  • Brokers can get you better rates than going direct to lenders
  • The problem still exists until the broker applies to a lender with all of your details, the lender still accesses your credit file
  • Doing this more than once will effect your credit score
Option 2: find a broker

mortgagegym makes it a lot simpler

Consumer looking for a mortgage
mortgagegym shows live offers from the market See live offers from mortgage market in 60 seconds
mortgagegym has a large community of reviewed brokers Pick a Trustpilot rated
and reviewed expert
consumer applies to a mortgage with the help of their advisor Apply to a mortgage with the help of your expert

We are the only digital mortgage marketplace offering:

Live matches

See live matches
from the market

Full control

Take your credit score to many
lenders without affecting it

MortgageGym Experts

Rated brokers

All our advisors are
reviewed with Trustpilot


No fees

Our service is completely free,
you won’t be charged any fee

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Don’t worry if you feel like getting a mortgage is like learning a new language. It is. But we’ve got you covered.

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