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First, find a mortgage match you can afford and tell us more about yourself

Instantly match your credit profile with mortgages from many lenders and then check you can afford the mortgage you want. It’s free, secure and completely tailored to you.

Then, store documents and get your FREE Experian Credit Score

Lenders need information and documents when you apply for a mortgage. We help you get these together and store them securely.

We have partnered with Experian so you can get your Experian Credit Score to support with your mortgage application. This can make applying easier.

Last, choose a MortgageGym expert to help you apply

Have a quick chat with one of our professionals and check you are matched to the perfect mortgage. Your MortgageGym expert is there to help and make sure everything runs smoothly.

We’re FCA registered, independent and we’ll never charge you a penny.

Everyone’s different

An option for every situation

Move home

Remortgage your property

Buy your first home


Your dashboard

Your dashboard is an easy way to see your mortgage progress in a snapshot. It’s encrypted and secure.

  • Get access on any device, any time
  • Manage your mortgage application in one place
  • Choose a Trustpilot rated expert to help you apply
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Putting you in control of your mortgage

Snap and upload your documents from your mobile phone and tablet, or drag and drop them from your desktop – It’s that easy!

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